The vision of the college is to develop nascent youth of quality to be responsible leaders and globally compatible human beings in all walks of life and serve the society with compassion, truth and justice by following rigorous quality standards of higher education as its defining core.


The Mission of the college defines the distinctive characteristics in terms of addressing the needs of the society and, is consistently synchronizing with national priorities, regional relevance and local significance. The faculty, students, administration and supporting staff are working really hard as a cohesive team to translate this ennobling ideal by following certain set parameters as their mission. The finer contours of the mission are as under:

1.      To encourage self-evaluation, personality development and guide the students to strive towards perfection and competence

2.      Offering programs & courses in consonance with national policies for nation building and meeting global challenges

3.      To be known for the diversity of its teachers and students and the quality and employability of its graduates, in diverse fields

4.      To provide transformative, holistic and value-based immersive learning experiences to students

5.      To develop a spirit of professionalism in them and thus preparing them for dynamic role later in their career

6.      To make them learn by experimentation and by the knowledge of real exigency through practical, case studies, role play and other classroom activities

7.      To motivate them to improvise and increase their present knowledge with their ingenuity and innovativeness

8.      Empowering rural students through innovative and socially contextualized education

9.      Facilitating gender equity both on and off the campus

10.  To ensure befitting students’ representation in different college activities for providing them leadership role and for their enthusiastic participation in them

11.  To counsel them and provide them a relaxed environment where they can talk freely about their academics, career and life related issues

12.  To provide students transparent, conducive, inspiring and grievance free environment to help them in growing themselves as real assets for the society

Strategic Goals

The Government College Barwala is a premier higher learning institution engaged in fulfilling educational requirement of diverse sections of the society in the core and applied academic disciplines. It aims at achieving academic excellence through multidisciplinary course curriculum, blended teaching methods and technology enabled joyful learning environment. In addition to acquire subject knowledge and required skills, the students will be groomed to think, perform, and communicate in a critical, creative and effective manner.


  1. To provide quality education at all levels.
  2. To initiate multidisciplinary courses for emerging needs of stakeholders including industries, research institutions, government organizations and society.
  3. To innovate and adopt technology enabled pedagogy.
  4. To chalk out scholastic and co-scholastic activities to make the college environment more lively, vibrant, congenial and conducive
  5. To integrate research into the teaching practice more effectively
  6. To promote the concept of a “Diverse Classroom”
  7. To provide a platform for innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives among young women
  8. To provide more opportunities for developing leadership qualities among our student

Strategies Goals:

The strategic goals are visionary and are meant to be aligned to the core mission and objectives of the College

a)      Regular classes are conducted according to a well designed and balanced timetable keeping in view the psychological aspects of learning

b)      Use of blended teaching methodology involving traditional, interactive, and ICT enabled pedagogical techniques.

c)      Bringing rigour to teaching-learning processes through carefully designed and implemented multidisciplinary course curriculum, lession plans, student assignments, regularity, participation and involvement.

d)      Developing quality study material available as e-content on website as well as hard copy in the libraries.

e)      Encouraging ICT enabled teaching and use of multimedia virtual classrooms.

f)       Regular student feedback on teaching-learning process, curriculum and administrative facilities to ensure quality control and regular updating.

g)      Students are getting adequate exposure to participate in Intra college, lnter college activities, Youth Festival etc.

h)      At the institutional level, various extension lectures by experts are conducted to benefit students for equipping them with best of the knowledge and fostering their critical thinking skills as these lectures give them opportunity to interact with the experts.

i)       Well designed examination systems with transparent evaluation processes.

Many of the goals outlined above fall within the domains of already existing Committees of the college. It is realised that the IQAC will primarily have a supervisory role. Therefore, the goals mentioned in the Strategic Plan will be realised through the duly formed Committees.