1.     Post Metric Scholarship for Welfare of Backward Classes

The Scheme was instituted by the Govt of India to promote education among students of Haryana domicile belonging to Backward Classes. This scheme provides a stipend and reimbursement of tuition fee and examination fee to those BC students whose parent’s/guardian’s annual income from all sources is Rs. 1,50,000/- at present as per the guidelines of the social welfare department the eligible students are given only maintenance allowance. Following institutions are being covered under this scheme:

Only maintenance allowance as per rates given below:




Day Scholar

Rs. 210/- p.m. for 10 months for fresh;
for 12 months for renewal

Rs. 335/- p.m. for 10 months for fresh;
for 12 months for renewal


Rs. 400- p.m. for 10 months for fresh;
for 12 months for renewal

Rs. 510- p.m. for 10 months for fresh;
for 12 months for renewal


Details of scholarship allocated in the session 2018-19:


No. of students

Scholarship amount



Rs. 97,860



Rs. 1,16,340

2.     Consolidated stipend scheme for SC

This scheme is for the benefit of scheduled caste students who are pursuing higher education in Govt. Colleges of Haryana state. The scheme was launched by Govt. of Haryana in the year 2008-09.Under this scheme each student gets Rs 2000/- p.a. for purchasing books and Rs. 1000/- per month for twelve months through electronics transaction. Name struck off students will not be get benefit of the scheme anytime throughout the session.

In this session of 2019-20, 332 students got benefit under the consolidated stipend scheme for scheduled caste.

3.     BPL & other Scholarship

a.      Haryana state merit scholarship UG Girls(Top ten Girls)

Top -10 Girls student on the basis of 12th marks in ist year of college .Rs 3000/- year

b.     Haryana State Merit scholarship:-Rs 300/- month

The eligible student who scoring 80% or more marks in previous year exams ie12th class.

c.      Central Sector Scholarship (Nation Scholarship Portal )

The school Board publish list of top 20 percentile on website the eligible student can apply online &  submit online filled application from along with relevant documents[10000/year]

Stipend Scheme for the Grand Children of freedom fighter.

Note:-All the above scholarship is renewable if students maintain 75% attendance & 50% and more marks in consecutive exams.

d.     Meritorious Incentive (Haryana State Meritorious Incentive Scholarship

The top three students [3 boys + 3 Girls Gen Cat.] & 3 boys/Girls SC Categories on basis of final year exams 1st position:-5000, 2nd:-3000, 3rd:-2000 each category.